Various Choices of Light Green Gemstone

There are so many types of gemstone in the world. Every type has unique color, and so beautiful when it has formed to be jewelry. People also choose gemstone for their jewelry because gemstones are so beautiful, elegant and look so perfect. They may also choose gemstone based on its color, for example light green gemstone.

Light green gemstone can be a good choice for every people. Why? It is because light green is beautiful color. When it is combined with jewelry, such as necklace, ring, earring, it looks so beautiful and will complete the performance.

But, sometime people feel so confuse to choose the best gemstone. When we talk about light green gemstones, we will find so many choices of it. So, what we have to choose? Here are some choices for you to find your desired light green gemstone:



The first choice of light green gemstone is peridot. Peridot is beautiful gemstone with lime-green color or olive green color. Peridot commonly used for various types of jewelry. Lime-green color of peridot is so beautiful and will attract every people who see it. Peridot word comes from Arabic word, which is “Faridat”. Peridot is also birthstone for April. It is found in various countries, such as Pakistan, Myanmar, and Egypt, but it is commonly found in Pakistan. Peridot is commonly known as Chrysolite.


peridot-rings peridot-necklace


Green Tourmaline

Other choice of light green gemstone is green tourmaline. This gemstone is commonly known as verdelite, chrome tourmaline, elbaite and brazilliant tourmaline. This gemstone comes with various prices. It depends on its color because green tourmaline has various shades of green, such as yellow-green, green-blue and other shades. So, the color will influence the price of this gemstone. But, the deeper green color of tourmaline will make the gemstone more valuable.


18k-gold-raw-green-tourmaline-ring-rough antique-green-tourmaline-bracelet



Tsavorite is other choice for you who are searching for beautiful light green gemstone. Tsavorite is a grossular garnet, and it is included into rare gemstone. It can be found near Tsavo National Park in Africa, in the 1960’s. The appearance of tsavorite looks like emerald. It comes with various colors, such as light green and dark forest green. So, no wonder if there are so many people who are interested in having tsavorite jewelry. But, this gemstone is rare, so it is highly prized. The price or value also depends on its color. The deeper green color of tsavorite will make this gemstone is more valuable.


natural-green-tsavorite-stone-pear-cut-4x5mm-ring tsavorite-diamond-palm-tree-pendant-necklace


Chrome Diopside

Other choice of light green gemstone is chrome diopside. This gemstone can be found in various countries, such as Russia and Siberia. It has low hardness, so it just suit to use for earring, necklace and pendant and not suit to use for bracelet and rings. For you who want to get affordable light green gemstone, it can be the best choice for you. Compare to other light green gemstone, this gemstone is more affordable. But because it has low hardness, you have to care for it rightly. Avoid it from hard object to avoid scratch.


chrome-diopside-fleur-de-lis-engagement-rings green-quartz-chrome-diopside-pearl-necklace



Emerald is other choice for you who are searching for light green gemstone. Emerald has high hardness, so it will resistant to scratch. This gemstone is also valuable or precious. This beautiful gem has various types of color, such as red, yellow and back. This gemstone is also birthstone for May and zodiac stone for Cancer.


emerald-ring-images gemstone-bracelet-emerald

Well, those are some information for you about various choices of light green gemstone. After reading the information above, have you decided to choose one of light green gemstone above? Hopefully the information above will help you to make a decision, so you can get your desired light green gemstone.


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