Wedding Ring vs Engagement Ring: the Differences

For marriage proposal, one of the most essential things is the engagement ring. Most people recognize this ring is typically having gorgeous gemstone. The gemstone is mounted in the ring. The gemstones can be varied from sapphire, diamonds and many more. Engagement ring is the symbol of getting married. Many cultures have this kind of symbol to later going to be marriage.

However, often this beautiful ring is wrongly taken as the wedding ring. In everyday conversation, people sometimes are confused aboutwedding ring vs engagement ring. For sure they are different. Some people may think that they need both of them or not. The differences are slightly similar. Even, the appearance is almost the same that you cannot tell which one is wedding and engagement ring.

This article will answer questions what is an engagement ring? Moreover, about what is a wedding ring? Also how much do wedding and engagement rings cost?


What is an Engagement Ring?

Someone gives an engagement ring at the moment of marriage proposal. After receiving the engagement ring, the women must wear the ring. By tradition, the women are expected to put the ring on their finger right after the moment of the proposal. When you see a woman is wearing a ring on the finger, you can conclude that she is taken.

It is a commitment that soon she will be married. That’s what is an engagement ring?The engagement rings come in various appearance and price. However, the most popular kind of engagement ring has a gemstone or diamond on the top of it. The ring should be worn the middle finger on the left hand.


What is a Wedding Ring?

Throughout the wedding ceremony, the couple exchanges wedding rings each other. What is a wedding ring? The wedding rings usually are simpler comparing with engagement ring. It is like a band without diamonds or other gemstones in the center of it. Both bride and groom will get the wedding ring along the wedding ceremony. Normally they will put the ring on the middle finger on the left hand.
Yes, it is the same place as the engagement ring. That’s why usually the bride will move the engagement ring on the right hand. Some bride even put the wedding and engagement ring together.


How much do Wedding and Engagement Rings Cost?

After knowing the difference then people may ask about how much do wedding and engagement rings cost? The wedding and engagement rings may cost in various ways. It depends on the materials, the size and the location to make it. Most of engagement rings have at least one gemstone or diamond while wedding rings have no gemstone. That’s why engagement rings are more expensive than wedding rings.

Both wedding ring vs engagement ring symbolize the bond and unity of you and your partner in marriage. You can choose to have the beautiful or simple wedding rings and engagement ring. It is you and your partner’s preference. The most important thing is that both of you show the commitment as married couple. There are so many several of engagement ring and wedding rings you can choose. Look and consider carefully since you will wear them the whole your life.


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