What is A Chocolate Diamond? Color, Value, and Clarity

What is a chocolate diamond? It is a term coined by a jewelry manufacturer called Le Vian. Other brown diamonds are colored diamonds cognac. There are diamonds that have a natural tan color and a diamond that has been tinged with brown. Natural colored diamonds have a higher price than the diamonds are colored by humans. Brown diamond is less valuable than the white diamond. This is due to the sellers increasingly difficult to obtain natural brown diamonds. Most diamonds are obtained by the coloring process. It is the product of the balls so that many consumers do not know that most of these diamonds have low quality.

Manufacturers must use a white diamond with good quality colored diamond to produce high-quality chocolate, but most manufacturers use a diamond with poor quality. This is due to low-quality diamonds have low prices and they could sell colored diamond with a higher price. Consumers can not ensure the quality of the chocolate colored diamonds because diamonds are usually opaque and have no sparkle.

If you want to buy a chocolate-colored diamonds, then you should see the sparkle of that color. You can buy colored diamonds cognac. You can compare the color of some diamonds and choose the most sparkling diamond. Do not buy a diamond with a brown color gray. Chocolate diamond is good when made of a nice white diamond.


What Is a Chocolate Diamond? Brown Diamonds Variation

Brown diamond is said to have the darkest color spectrum. These diamonds are not made from the lab, but diamonds are formed in the earth at high pressure to produce a dark color. Brown diamond can occur naturally. You think that the original diamond is a diamond with white, but it is not. No other colored diamonds are extremely rare. Gemological Institute of America created a graph to see the levels of color in a diamond. This system is used as a standard to judge a diamond. Diamond color is expressed in letters ranging from D to Z. D means colorless and Z means yellow. Colored diamonds is rare, so the price of diamonds is expensive. Diamond with a clear color was assessed by Z +. The intensity of the colors that exist in this system has a scale of 1-9.


14k-rose-gold-diamond-raw-tourmaline-adjustable-necklace amazing-chocolate-diamond-ring


What Is a Chocolate Diamond? Is It Poor Diamond Color?

Technically chocolate diamond is a stone that has color on Z class that many experts say that this diamond is the colorless diamond that bad, but there are still many people who think that this is a luxurious and unique color. Many people who do not care that this diamond has a bad color because they like diamonds. They do not consider the formal class that is used to assess a diamond. They just wanted to buy a diamond brown and wearing diamonds on their bodies.


champagne-diamond-slice-bracelet-in-rose-gold chocolate-and-vanilla-diamond-ring


What Is a Chocolate Diamond? The Clarity of Brown Diamond

Typically, colored diamonds have a cheaper price compared to white diamonds. If you decide to buy a brown diamond, then you should pay attention to the color of the diamond clarity. Diamonds with any color must have a level of clarity that is good because it will give you about the inclusion in the diamond. If there are many inclusions, it will not be a sparkling diamond. You can see a diamond in the half-light and check for defects or black spots that are visible to the eye. You can check the clarity of colored diamonds under the microscope.


levian-chocolate-diamond diamond-butterfly-ring

You can also use a loupe available at jewelry stores to check out the deficiencies that exist in these diamonds. We have the recommendation of a highly qualified diamond store. This store is named James Allen. Before buying, you can see photos or videos of all diamonds sold in the store.


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