What is the Birthstone for April? Most Beautiful Stone in the World

What is the birthstone for April? This question may appear when people who were born in April ask about their birthstone. Every people has birthstone. But for you who were born in April, your birthstone is diamond.

Diamond is beautiful gemstone and so popular in the world, even it is included into the most popular gemstone in the world. Besides becoming birthstone for April, diamond is also zodiac stone for Aries. So, for you who was born in April and has Aries zodiac, diamond is your birthstone.

Not only popular, diamond included into the most expensive and valuables gemstone in the world. And it has various types of color, but as birthstone for April, bright, clear or white diamond often chosen. Read other information about birthstone for April below.


What is April Birthstone?

What is the birthstone for April? We have known the answer of this question. Yes, diamond is the birthstone for April. In Biblical times, people used gemstone based on their month to use it as talisman. In 1912, American national Association of Jewelers released the lists about gemstone that represent each month, and gemstone for April is diamond.


The History of Diamond

Diamond found long time ago, about 400 B.C. The documentation has shown it. During the 15th century, diamonds sale develop so much, because the Eastern route is opened. So, what is the birthstone for April? The answer is diamond which is used since long time ago.


Various Types of Diamond’s Color

Now you have known the answer of what is the birthstone for April. That is diamond. Talking about the color of diamond, the common color of diamond is clear, transparency, or white. But, there are also diamond which has other color, such as red, blue, black, pink, yellow, and brown. But, colored diamonds are so rare and included into the most expensive diamonds.

colombian-emerald-three-stone-diamonds-ring oval-shaped-diamond-engagement-ringroyal-blue-sapphire-1-75ct-diamond-platinum-ring


Where are Diamond Found?

After answering this question, “What is the birthstone for April?” other question will appear. For example is the question about location where diamonds found. Actually, we can divide the locations into 4 continents; those are Africa, Asia, America and Australia.

In Africa, diamonds can be found in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Angola, South Africa, Lesotho and Tanzania. In Asia, diamond can be found in Russia and India. In America, diamonds can be found in US, Canada and North America. While in Australia, it can be found in three different locations.


What is the Largest Diamond Found?

Not only about the answer of “What is the birthstone for April”, you may want to know about the largest diamond that has ever found. Actually, the largest diamond has been found in Africa and called as Cullinan diamond. It has 621.35 g as its weight and 3106.75 as its carats.


The Properties of Diamond

Now you have known about what is the birthstone for April, but you may not know the properties of it. Actually, diamond is the hardest gemstone in the world. So, there are so many people who like it so much. It has prismatic colors that show beautiful appearance. The crystal structure of diamond is Isometric. Diamond also included into gemstone which consists of carbon.


What are Diamond’s Healing Powers?

Like other gemstone, diamond has healing power too. Let’s we know about it after knowing what is birthstone for April. Actually, diamond has healing power for curing any problems that relate to brain and pituitary glands. People also believe that diamond can effect to individual balance and one’s clarity. Diamond can also boost energy when it is combined with other crystal. Not only has healing powers, people believe that diamond can bring good luck and protect its wearer from misfortune.


How Do You Care for Diamond Jewelry?

Besides “What is the birthstone for April”, there is other question that will appear. That is about the right way to care for your diamond jewelry. To protect your diamond, don’t touch your diamond because natural oil from your skin will make your diamond looks dull. Diamond can also get scratches, but it can be solved by jeweler because diamond can be easily polished.

Don’t forget to store it in the right place. Don’t store your diamond with other jewelry. Diamond is so hard, and it may scratch your other jewelries. You have to keep way it from household chemical too. Although it is so hard, but it can chip too. So, try to avoid wearing it when you have to contact with some objects.

april-birthstone-diamond art-deco-antique-sapphire-diamond-wide-bracelet white-vivid-yellow-diamond-18k-gold-necklace


How Do You Determine the Value of Diamond?

Now, you have known what is the birthstone for April. Yes, that is diamond. To know the value of diamond, you have to ask the jeweler because it depends on cut, clarity, carats, and color.

Well, those are some information for you about birthstone for April. After reading the information above, you will be able to answer this question “What is the birthstone for April? Finally, hopefully the information above will be useful for you.


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