What is the Birthstone for December and the Healing Powers?

There are three gemstones that belong to the answer for the question about what is the birthstone for December. The gemstones are tanzanite, turquoise and zircon.

What is the meaning of December birthstone?

Tanzanite was originated in East African state of Tanzania, which is why this gemstone is called in this name. Whilst Zircon is a gemstone name from the Arabic words “Zar” and “Gun” that mean Gold and Color. Meanwhile, Turquoise has a meaning as Turkish Stone from French language because this gemstone is believed as the Turkey originated.

The Color of December Birthstone

The color of December birthstone is blue. The three birthstones of December come in various colors rather than blue. However, blue is the most common theme for December birthstones.

  • Tanzanite. It has brilliant color as December birthstone; in various shades of blues and purples. To maximize the natural color richness, the gemstone often gets heating treatment. Those with vivid violet-blue color is the most expensive type of Tanzanite gemstone.
  • Zircon. There are many shades of color for this gemstone; from colorless to various colors of rainbow. Blue Zircon is the gemstone with higher demand rather than Zircon in other colors. Besides, the blue zircon also becomes the most often one to get heating process to get deep tone of blue.
  • Turquoise. It is the most popular and very easy to identify as a December birthstone. The color is typically green-blue or in sky blue tones.

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Where can you find the December birthstone?

After knowing about what is the birthstone for December, you certainly want to know about the history too. Tanzanite was firstly found in 1960s in Tanzania. Then the gemstone was declared by Tiffany and Co. as the most beautiful blue stone found in 2,000 years and then they sold the stones. Zircon, this another December birthstone is naturally formed by zirconium silicate mineral. This gemstone was firstly used as diamond imitation because of the colorlessness. Now this gemstone is found in more color ranges such as blue, red, orange, yellow and green.

Meanwhile, Turquoise is a gemstone that can be found in Iran, United States, Egypt and Sinai. The gemstone was firstly worn by Egyptians in the ancient times. It is known as the Tibet’s national gemstone. This birthstone has been used since the 13th century.

The Biggest Tanzanite Gemstone Ever Found

The biggest tanzanite gemstone was discovered in 2005 on the highest mountain in Africa; Mount Kilimanjaro. The weight of the gemstone is 6.6 pounds or 16,839 carats and has a shape like a brick.

The Biggest Zircon Gemstone Ever Found

The biggest zircon gemstone was discovered in Southeast Asia. The weight of the biggest zircon is 118.1 carats. Now, the gemstone is placed in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC.

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The Biggest Turquoise Ever Found

The biggest turquoise gemstone is placed in Shandong Tiyanu Museum of Natural History. The gemstone’s weight is 496 pounds with the measurement; 3’5” of length, 3’6” of height and 10” of width.

The Healing Powers the Birthstone for December; Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise

Knowing about what is the birthstone for December must make you want to know about the healing powers too.
Tanzanite: the healing power of this gemstone is to relieve stress and also lowering the high blood pressure. The purpose to use it is to ease anxiety, depression, worry and also fear. This gemstone is also believed can improve women’s fertility.

Zircon: it is believed as a gemstone type that can ease allergies and asthma, liver issues and gallbladder, as well as promoting the common sense. Meanwhile, Turquoise is believed as the gemstone that relieves mental tensions and can relax mind. The native Americans believed that placing turquoise on tombstones could protect the dead body.

The Properties of December Birthstone; Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise

Tanzanite has 6.5 on Mohs Scale of Hardness and an orthorhombic structure of crystal. This gemstone can release kinds of colors from different angles so that the glowing like making the gemstone change the color. Meanwhile, Zircon comes in different ranges of color from transparent to solid. It is available from 6.5 – 7.5 on Mohs Scale of Hardness. Whilst Turquoise has the waxy gloss and available in the hardness ranges from 5 – 6 on Mohs Scale.

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How to Take Care of December Birthstones; Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise

Jewelry pieces with Tanzanite gemstones have to be cleaned with warm soapy water. Don’t use chemicals or clean the jewelry with extreme temperature changes. Whilst jewelry pieces with Zircon gemstones can change the color because of heating or intense lighting since it commonly has been treated by heating. That is why this jewelry should be avoided from prolonged exposure of heat.

On the other hand, jewelry pieces with Turquoise gemstone should be used with care because the gemstone can be easily damaged for skin oils, chemicals and cosmetics. When chemicals and heat exposure touch it, the turquoise gemstone will dissolve and the surface will damage.

Don’t use ultrasonic cleaner to clean the three December birthstone because the vibration and heat will damage the gem surface. It is recommended to clean the gemstones with warm and soapy water only.


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