What is the Birthstone for February for Better Mind and Health?

When we are asking about what is the birthstone for February, for sure that will be such the good thing because the right birthstone might bring the positive impacts to the owners or users. That is the reason why it is such a good idea for you to get the information regarding to that thing especially if you are interested in buying the precious gemstones. That is important because it will affect much to its rarity, value, and even the quality.

When we are talking about gemstone, of course there are so many types of gemstones, but for the birthstone, it needs to be that suitable the most to consider your month when you were born. So, it is something common for them who were born in February and then they have the question of what is the birthstone for February. Surely, getting the info about the right birthstone for the people who were born in February will be such an essential thing for dealing with the question.

Perhaps, if you are in love with the beauty of a lot of gemstone and you are interested in buying one of some, it is a good idea for finding your birthstone. The February birthstone might be also not only that adorable but also will be that great to give you some positive effects. That is the reason why many people are totally interested in hunting the birthstone based on their month of birth and perhaps that is also the reason why you have the question of what is the birthstone for February.


Anything You Need to Know about the Birthstone of February

Then, the first thing of course we need to find the answer of what is the birthstone for February. Then, the answer is amethyst. That is believed as the birthstone of the month of February. In previous time, this kind of gemstone is only worn by the royalty. That is because the color of purple might represent the great status and also royalty. Many people also said that amethyst for the women can helps boosting the production of hormone.

If we have been known the answer for the question of what is the birthstone for February, of course we want to know more about it. When we find a lot of kinds of birthstone have their own meaning, then, what is the meaning for the birthstone of the month of February? In general, amethyst is believed as the gemstone which can bring the healing effect for the conditions of the physic and also emotion. In ancient Greek, this gemstone is believed as the stone which can prevent the people who wear it to be away from getting drunk. From its name, amethyst is from the Greek language. That is from the term of amethystos which means ‘the remedies against the drunkness’.

In Europe, there are also so many soldiers who also wore this gemstone. That was aimed at giving them protection while they were in the battle. They also believed that it will help them to bring the healing and make them always have the cool head. Because of the history, till now there are many people who believe that amethyst has some powers of healing for both the emotion and also physic, as like to alleviate the anxiety, stress, and many things. That also can help calming the mind.



Then, besides getting to know about the answer of what is the birthstone for February, of course getting to know about the color of the birthstone is such the good thing. Amethyst has the color of royal purple or deep purple. That is also such the color of the wine. That is why it also becomes the representation of the God of the wine, named Bacchus. However the tone and hues of this stone color might be varied.

Amethyst is the type of gemstone which is not really that easy to be found. However, if you already know that it becomes the answer for what is the birthstone for February, and you are interested in getting the birthstone of February, you need to know where it is found. That has ever been round in some countries as like Brazil, Canada, Argentina, India, Siberia, Sri Lanka, and many more.

However, it is stated that Brazil becomes the country of the Amethyst largest source nowadays. Where it is found might also affect to its color, for example the amethyst which is found in Zambia commonly has the reddish tone of purple. That might be caused by its natural environment condition which affects much to the natural formation of this birthstone.



If you are already interested in having the birthstone, or even you have already owned it, you need to know how to maintain or take care of the stone of amethyst. What you need to do is avoiding this gemstone from the temperature that is really extreme. That is because it might cause the fracture. You also could not steam this stone and use the chemicals to clean it. The chemicals and also heat will damage it. Using the cleaner which uses ultrasonic method is the best idea for cleaning up the birthstone of the month of February. Now, you are not that curious anymore about what is the birthstone for February.


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