What is the Birthstone for July; Ruby the Fortune Carrier

What is the Birthstone for July?

The answer for a question of what is the birthstone for July is Ruby. Many people call it as the King of Gemstones and they believe it is a fortune carrier. This gemstone is formed by corundum mineral that also arranges sapphires. The difference between rubies and sapphires is the color. Ruby is a name taken from a Latin word “Ruber” that means Red, because this gemstone has the vibrant color.


What is the Birthstone Color for July?

The color of July birthstone is red. But rubies also come in color range from light pink to deep crimson. The color of rubies is depended on the area of the mining. Meanwhile, the mineral corundum is available in red and blue varieties. Ruby is the red variety of corundum mineral and blue corundum variety is the component of sapphires. Because of the rainbow colors of corundum minerals, it forms gemstones in different colors. The gemstones that are in pink, purple, and the other colors that look overpower red color, don’t belong to rubies.


Where can July Birthstone be found?

Those who have known about what is the birthstone for July and the advantages must want to know about where the gemstones can be found. Rubies are available in Myanmar and Thailand. In Myanmar, red rubies are commonly called as “Pigeon’s Blood”. Meanwhile in Thailand, rubies commonly come in deeper red or burgundy color.

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What is the Largest Ruby Found?

The largest ruby in the world is known as 125 West Ruby that was as hard as 18,696 carats or 8.2 pounds. This huge gemstone was certified by Gemological Institute of America. Besides, there is also another largest ruby found in Myanmar. It is weighed as hard as 21,450 carats but hasn’t been certified yet. Another largest July birthstone named Chaiyo ruby as hard as 109,000 is also ever found. However, there are some claims that it is fake ruby and has been manufactured by Burmese.


What are the healing powers of July birthstone?

There were some healing powers believed to be gotten from July birthstone in the ancient times. Ruby was believed for the ability to boost blood flow, to fight infectious disease, as well as to treat fevers. Many people wore July birthstone for the reason for the bright color red was believed to look like blood that flow through the veins and it can hold the life power. The users also believed that ruby could balance the heart, helped retain wealth and also encourage passion.

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What are the July birthstone, ruby’s properties?

Knowing how many people believe the healing power, now you must want to know about what is the birthstone for July’s properties. The main property of ruby is corundum; a type of mineral that makes rubies are harder than other kinds of gemstones excluding diamonds. Rubies have 9 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. It only can be scratched or damaged by harder gemstone. The hardest gemstone that can scratch ruby is only diamond with its 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness.


How to Determine the Value of Rubies?

Ruby is a highly valuable gemstone type. The major value of ruby can be determined by the appearance and color of the gemstone. Besides, jewelers also need to measure and know the carat weight, clarity and shape of the gemstone before he decides the gemstone’s value.
A ruby gemstone can be called as most valuable and ideal if it has bright, clear and vibrant red color to a little purple red color. Meanwhile, the gemstone will be less valuable than the natural gemstone if it has gotten some treatments to improve the color or clarity.

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How do you care for ruby jewelry?

The birthstone of July is very durable gemstone that can tolerate normal conditions of wearing. It is a good option to choose ruby as the gemstone on your rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets and then use the jewelry in daily wear because the gemstone can be cleaned easily and also not easily to break rather than the other gemstones.

You can clean jewelry that contains ruby by using an ultrasonic cleaner and appropriate solution. Rubies that have been treated by heating can be put into an ultrasonic cleaner safely because the gemstones won’t reserve any type of treatment or harm the gemstone. However, the jewelry with ruby gemstone that has been fracture-filled should be cleaned by using a damp cloth only, because ultrasonic cleaner will clean by using much vibration and heat.

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Fracture-filled rubies are the type of ruby that gets a filling process of transparent mineral like wax, oil, or glass into the deep scratches or crevices on the gemstone that interfere with the path of light passing through. Because the scratches could repel the light and make the gemstone looks duller, the filling process is needed. If the July birthstone is not dyed or fracture-filled, it can contact the high temperature and chemicals.

By knowing about what is the birthstone for July, the properties and how to care of it, now you can choose the gemstone for your jewelry and get it more durable.


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