What is the birthstone for June? The Complete Explanation of Pearl

What is the birthstone for June? Pearl is the birthstone for June. This gemstone is also called the stone of sincerity because it symbolizes purity. In ancient times, birthstones are used to the amulet. American National Association of Jewelers’ put Pearl to be the birthstone for June.

June is the sixth month of the calendar, and each month has a different birthstone. In the western calendar and India, the Pearl is the stone for the month of June. Pearls referred to as the old stone. In addition, the Pearl is also the birthstone in traditional Arabic calendar.

Pearls are a stone for the Zodiac of Gemini and Cancer that is falling on the month. This stone is not obtained by geology, but it was obtained in a biological process. This process occurs in mollusks. Mollusks coat foreign objects that enter into the liquid so that foreign objects have become very beautiful round jewel. Birthstone for the month of June is called the stone of purity that can give good luck, protection, and wisdom.


What is the Birthstone for June? The Pearl History

In ancient Egypt, the rich man is buried in the Pearl to show that they are a rich man. Cleopatra destroys Pearls and drank them with a glass of wine. This is to prove to Mark Anthony that Cleopatra could have spent the entire wealth of the Egyptian nation in just one meal. In ancient Greek culture, the Pearl is regarded as a natural phenomenon that is beautiful and capable of producing abundant marriage and love. In ancient Roman times, the pearl is a symbol of power and wealth. In the old days, European countries prohibit people used to wear these gemstones because pearls are a sign of power.


What is the birthstone for June? The Different Types of Pearls

Pearls have many different kinds. Pearl type is depending on the origin, color, and shape of the pearl. The most famous pearl is a black pearl, Keshi pearl, south sea pearls, Tahitian pearls, Akoya pearls, baroque pearls, saltwater pearls, freshwater pearls and cultured pearls.

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What is the Birthstone for June? The Pearl Color

Pearls have multiple colors and color the most famous is white. Off-white color glossy makes pearls look beautiful. There are other colors such as black, green, and pink.


What is the birthstone for June? The Discovery Site of Pearl

Pearls can be found in saltwater and freshwater. Freshwater pearls are produced by freshwater mussels that live in rivers, ponds, lakes, and other freshwater. These shells are into the family of Unionidae. Freshwater pearls are produced in warm and cold climates ranging from Central America headed to Scotland will be protected by law in the country.

Currently, most of the freshwater pearls are cultivated in China. Saltwater pearls produced by oysters into the family of Pteriidae. The oysters live in the ocean. Saltwater pearls are usually cultivated in volcanic atoll lagoon or protected. This is done to protect the oysters.


What is the Birthstone for June? The Discovery Site of Largest Pearl

Pearl called Lao Tzu is the largest pearl in the world. The biggest pearl found in Palawan Sea. The sea is surrounding the island of Palawan in the Philippines. These pearls have been found by a diver from the Philippines. This pearl is also called the Pearl or clam Tridacna pearl because it came from giant clams. These pearls are very large so it does not become a gemstone pearls. This pearl has a diameter of 24 cm or 9:45 inches and weighs 6.4 kilograms or 14.1 lb.

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What is the Birthstone for June? The Pearl Properties

Pearls obtained from mollusks which have shells. These mollusks live in saltwater or freshwater. Pearls have calcium carbonate in the form of tiny crystals and these crystals already in concentric layers. Perfect pearls are pearls that have a round and smooth shape. Actually, there are also pearls with other forms.


What is the Birthstone for June? The Healing Powers of Pearl

Pearls can demonstrate personal integrity and pearls can also make someone become a focus of attention. Pearls can bring faith, innocence, and charity. Pearls can also inhibit the behavior of someone who is overexcited. Pearls can be worn by the bride at the wedding. Pearl is able to treat gastrointestinal diseases and soft organs. Pearls can entertain after delivery, improve productivity, and relieve bloated.


What is the Birthstone for June? Clean the Pearl

The best way to clean pearl is in a jewelry store. You can also clean the pearls at home using a special cleaner that is safe for pearl jewelry. You can dry your pearls with a soft cloth.


What is the Birthstone for June? Care the Pearl

Pearls require special care. Do not use chemicals that can damage your pearls. You have to take care of pearls with caution. If you already use hair products, lotions, makeup, and soap, then you can wear pearls. Pearls are the last thing you use after all body treatments. Use water and a mild soap to clean pearls. Keep pearls from pearl jewelry other so you do not scratch.

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What is the Birthstone for June? The Value of Pearl

The value of pearls is determined by the color, luster, shape, size, surface, type, and so forth. A rare pearl has an expensive price. Natural pearls are more expensive compared with cultured pearls and saltwater pearls are more expensive than freshwater pearls. Cherished pearls of the size in millimeters do not rust like gold. Pearls are perfect round shape also has a high price.

The topper is seen to have three levels of the extraordinary, smooth, and dull. Color also determines the value of pearls. Pearl black, white, pink and naturally have the highest prices. Akoya pearl could be valued up to $ 3,000, south sea pearls could be valued up to $ 30,000, and Tahiti pearl could be valued up to $ 10,000.


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