What is the Birthstone for March Which Brings Positive Impacts

Were you born in March and love gemstone? If yes, then knowing about the answer of what is the birthstone for March might be something interesting to be known. Surely, as we already known, birthstone is the gemstone which is related to the month of the birth. Then, of course that is related to the importance of the gemstone since many people are believed that each kind of gemstone has its own power which might be different from one type of gemstone to the others. That is such a good idea for you get much info about it especially if you were born in March since here we are going to talk about it.

There are various kinds of gemstone, and March has its own birthstone from the wide ranges of the gemstone. Before we are looking for the answer for the question of what is the birthstone for March, it is also really good to get the info about how important the birthstone is. For sure, it is important in dealing with the value and even the quality. That is especially for them who believed that every single gemstone has its own power so that for particular people with particular character, as like based on when they were born, the particular gemstone might be suitable the most for them.

So then, what is the birthstone for March? Actually, the birthstone of March is not limited to one kind of gemstone but still, the most potential or most primary one is aquamarine. That is why it is the gemstone which is mostly stated as the March birthstone. However, actually there are some other gemstones which are also stated as the birthstone for March even they are less popular and less potential or primary, as like Jade, Jasper, Blood Stone, and so on.


Aquamarine as the Most Primary March Birthstone

When we are talking about the question of what is the birthstone for March, mostly the people will answer that it is Aquamarine. As the history of the birthstone, people wore the gemstone which is assigned to the month. The gemstone is represented as their talisman to protect them. Then, for the month of March, it was the aquamarine. From its name, it represents the color as well. That has the color of aquamarine which is about the blue tone with any shades, as like greenish blue, pale blue, and even the sky blue. Surely, the color is always used to represent the peaceful, serene, and also beautiful condition. Even though there are various tones and shades of the aquamarine, the deeper tones will be the more valuable.

emerald-cut-aquamarine-statement-ring aquamarine-earrings-march-birthstone-sterling-silver-925-stud-earring aquamarine-emerald-2-4-carat-diamond-14k-necklace


What something we need to know about the answer for what is the birthstone for March is regarding to the meaning. That comes from the Latin terms. They are agua and also marina which mean water and the sea. Then, in brief, it means the sea water. That might be caused by the color of this birthstone for March as well which looks like the sea water. Then, does this March birthstone has any power of healings? Surely, as people often believed, each type of gemstone has its power, including the aquamarine. Many people believe that it can help curing the various problems as like insomnia and anxiety. That is also believed to help enhancing the balance of the emotion, mental clarity, and even the communication. During the times of the Roman, this gemstone is believed to be able to cure some health problems of the mouth, liver, throat, and even the jaw.

In Ancient Greek, the aquamarine crystal is often used as the talisman for the sailors in order to get the luck, safety, and also prosperity. That is also believed as the mermaid’s prize possession which is believed it will protect the sailor during their journey when across the sea. The Ancient Egyptian also often put this gemstone, which is the birthstone for people who were born in March, in the tomb. That is aimed for dealing with the afterlife long journey. That sounds interesting as the legend or history of the March birthstone, in which you already have the answer for what is the birthstone for March.

Aquamarine, as the March birthstone have been and often found in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Columbia, and so on. However, if you want to know, the aquamarine which has the weight was found in Brazil since more than 100 year ago. That has the weight of about 110 kilograms.

pandora-silver-aquamarine-march-birthstone-ring oval-aquamarine-pearl-and-diamond-pendant aquamarine-0-50ct-rose-cut-diamond-platinum-gold-pendant


If you have already known the answer for what is the birthstone for March, surely many of you are interested in having it one. However, you need to take care of it properly. For cleaning up your aquamarine, which is the March birthstone, you need to let the professional jeweler clean your gemstone. That is the simple way. However, you can clean it up at home using the gentle cleaner for jewelry. Then, to maintain its beauty, when it is not in use, you can avoid the light exposure to your aquamarine. That is because it can ruin its color and make it look fade. Surely, besides knowing about what is the birthstone for March, you also need to get that helpful info.


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