What is The Birthstone for May? Meaning and History about It

Maybe you want to know about what is the birthstone for May. Birthstone for May is called with Emerald. The origin of the determination of each month’s birthstone is of Aaron, brother of Moses who wore the stone and represents the twelve tribes of Israel. In those days, the gemstone subjected to a fetish. Then the American National Association of Jewelers in 1912 to make the official list of gemstones that represent each month and the month of May is represented by Emerald.

Since ancient times, Emerald had undermined stone for people born in May. This stone has a shimmering green color. This color symbolizes revitalization and life. The green color in the spring will peak in May. Emerald is a stone that represents loyalty, friendship, and loyalty. Emerald is believed to provide health, future, and well-being of the wearer. People who use this stone can increase intuitive abilities. This stone signifies wisdom and patience. This stone is able to balance and increase energy and provide happiness for those of you who were born in the month of May.

This stone has Beryl mineral consisting of Silicon, Oxygen, Aluminum and Beryllium. In chemistry, this is called Beryllium Aluminium Silicate. The green color is that of the Emerald Vanadium and Chromium contained in this rock formation. Emerald has a structure that is fragile, so it can be carved easily. There is a special technique for cutting Emerald so the crystal is not destroyed and have a beautiful shape. Rectangular pieces so that the beauty of the Emerald increasingly radiated.


What is the birthstone for May? The Emerald History

Emerald word is derived from the Latin word Samaragdus. The meaning of the word is a green gem. Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt is very interested in Emerald. During her reign, Cleopatra Emerald control of all mines in Egypt. Goddess of Love from the Roman named Venus is also often associated with the Emerald. Society of ancient Rome believed that this stone has all that is in Venus. Emerald contains goodness, fertility, and beauty.

Ancient Greek society wearing Emerald in honor of their goddess named Aphrodite. This stone symbolizes beauty, love and fertility. Emerald subject to the king of Egypt and buried with the dead in Egyptian tombs. In the year 1300 BC, there are plenty of Emerald mines in Egypt. Since 500 AD, there is a hidden Emerald mines belonging to Indians of the Columbia and twenty years later, Spain found the mine. Indian stone quarry has been trying to hide this from Spain. Conquistador forcing the Indians to mine stone Emerald.

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What is the birthstone for May? The Emerald Color

Emerald has a green color that varies from light green to dark green. This stone has the chromium which produces natural green color on Emerald. Emerald from Brazil acquired the color of the vanadium and Emerald of Zambia has the color from iron.


What is the birthstone for May? The Discovery Site of Emerald

Emerald derived from three mines in Zambia, Brazil and Columbia. Columbia produces about 50-90% Emerald. This number continues to rise in recent years. Columbia produces the best, most expensive Emerald. Chromium produces pure green color on this rock. There are other places that generate Emerald with a small capacity such as the United States, Austria, India, Egypt, Australia, Cambodia, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Russia.


What is the birthstone for May? The Discovery Site of Largest Emerald

The biggest Emerald in the world is called the Bahia Emerald. This stone is very famous in history. The biggest Emerald was discovered in early 2000 in Brazil. The weight of this rock about 840 lbs. This stone has 1.9 million carats. This stone has a value of more than $ 400 million dollars.


What is the birthstone for May? The Emerald Properties

The green color of Emerald is formed by mineral beryl. Beryl is also called a beryllium aluminum silicate. This color is formed by a small amount of chromium. Emerald and blue hues of the mineral beryl called Aquamarine is in the same group.

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What is the birthstone for May? The Healing Powers of Emerald

Emerald has healing powers. Emerald can balance energy and lighten the emotional load. Emerald can help you with wealth, serenity, faith, and inspiration. Emerald also can heal a broken heart by strengthening the heart and emotions. Emerald is the stone restoration and birth. Emerald can bring empathy, liveliness, love, and brilliance.


What is the birthstone for May? Clean the Emerald

You must bring the Emerald to a jeweler. You can also clean Emerald at home. Use cold water and a soft toothbrush. You should also use a mild soap to make Emerald becomes brighter when it is cleaned. This stone Rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly. Do not clean the Emerald use ultrasonic cleaners.


What is the birthstone for May? Care the Emerald

If you’re washing dishes, then remove your Emerald. Do not use this stone as close to something that is greasy. Substances that are dirty can accumulate in the rock and makes Emerald no longer bright. Do not wear Emerald when you’re doing strenuous activities because of this rock will be scratched. This activity could also damage the Emerald. Emerald also cannot be exposed to high heat. Avoid Emerald from dirt, and other chemicals that can be attached to the rock.

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What is the birthstone for May? The Value of Emerald

How to price on the Emerald is same with the diamond. 4C is a way to price on Emerald. It consists of carat, color, clarity and cut.


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