What is the Birthstone for November?

What is the November birthstone?

If you are asking about what is the birthstone for November, there are two gemstones that are stated as the birthstones for November; they are Topaz and Citrine. The name Topaz was taken from Indian language, Sanskrit; Topas that means fire. The gemstone got this name for the fire-like color. Meanwhile, the name Citrine was taken from French language that means Lemon. The color of citrine gemstone is like lemon and this is the reason it got the name.

What are the November birthstone colors?

Because of the color of Topaz and Citrine is almost same, many people in the ancient times couldn’t differentiate the two gemstones. That is why Topaz and Citrine becomes the birthstones for November. Topaz has reddish orange brown color, but this gemstone also has kinds of other colors too. Meanwhile, Citrine has yellow color.

What is the November birthstone color of citrine?

The color of citrine; the November birthstone is yellow or orange that is naturally paler. However, most citrine gemstones got some heating process to improve the color so that the color becomes richer and deeper. If the natural color of citrine commonly comes in brown undertone, citrine gemstones that have been heated commonly come in red undertone.

citrine-with-fancy-star-burst-cut-diamond-ring november-birthstone-citrine


What is the November birthstone color of Topaz?

Another November birthstone Topaz has various colors such as purples, blues, pinks and also brown and reddish orange like the color of citrine. The best Topaz color is the Imperial Topaz that has rich orange tone and pink undertones. Formerly, blue Topaz was the rarest Topaz color, yet it is commonly found in the market today because blue Topaz can be gotten in easiest way through the enhancement process.

The History of Citrine; the Birthstone of November

After you have known about what is the birthstone for November, now you can learn about the history about this Citrine gemstone. Citrine and Topaz were found in the same place; Topazios Island, situated in the Egypt’s Red Sea. Because the two gemstones have similar properties, many people were confused to find the gemstones differences. Citrine belongs to quartz type that have various colors. Many people in ancient Egypt believed that the gemstone came from sun gods to give protection to women against all evils. Nowadays, citrine gemstone can be found mostly in France, Brazil and also Russia.

The History of November Birthstone Topaz

In the ancient Greek, Topaz gemstone was believed for the ability to give strength. Topaz name was originated from Russia and Ural Mountains were the main source of this birthstone for November. Many years ago, India people believed that they could have lifetime healing, longevity, beauty, energy and intelligence by wearing Topaz gemstone around their necks.

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The Healing Powers of Citrine Gemstone

Citrine gemstone is believed for the ability to improve energy and stamina, increase happiness, as well as attracting prosperity and wealth. Many people believe that the negative energy surround them can be broken and stabilized by wearing or carrying the citrine gemstone. Besides, citrine gemstone is also believed for the ability to bring success into a business.

The Healing Powers of Topaz Gemstone

By wearing Topaz, many people believe that this gemstone can make emotions balanced because the irritability and poor moods are neutralizing. It is also believed to give protection from sickness, injury and death.

The Largest Citrine Gemstone Ever Found

Besides what is the birthstone for November, you certainly want to know the largest citrine gemstone. The largest citrine gemstone in the world is named Malaga. The gemstone weighs 20,200 carats or as hard as 8.8 pounds. The biggest gemstone is displayed at Spain’s Art Natura.

pandora-silver-citrine-november-birthstone-ring 18k-gold-citrine-necklace


The Largest Topaz Gemstone Ever Found

The biggest Topaz is named the American Golden Topaz. It was found in Brazil with 22,892.50 carats of weight. The big gemstone is displayed in Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC.

The Properties Found inside Topaz Gemstone

Topaz has orthorhombic crystal structure with 8 on Mohs Scale of Hardness (with scale 1-10, the hardest gemstone is Diamond with 10 on Mohs Scale of Hardness). For the vitreous luster, Topaz gemstone tends to be translucent to transparent.

The Properties Found Inside Citrine Gemstone

On the other hand, citrine has 7 on Mohs Scale of Hardness and trigonal crystal structure.

Tips to Take Care of Jewelry with Citrine Gemstone

Citrine gemstone could be fractured for high temperatures, so you need to keep away the jewelry with citrine stone from something in high temperature. To keep the stone’s color, you may not wear the jewelry while using hair spray or similar products, washing the dishes, gardening, or doing some exercises.

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Tips to Take Care of Jewelry with Topaz Gemstone

Like the citrine gemstone, you also have to treat jewelry with Topaz gemstone by keeping it from something with high temperature or bring it to somewhere with sudden changes of temperature, because temperature changes can make the gemstone fractured or cracked. The gemstones of citrine and topaz are not very hard stones. So you should prevent them to keep in touch with hitting that can break the stone.

To clean Topaz gemstone, you can use warm soapy water. Don’t use ultrasonic cleaners to clean this gemstone because the vibration and heating can break or damage the birthstone of November.


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