What is the Birthstone for September? Sapphire-Beautiful Gemstone

What is the birthstone for September? This question may be asked by people who were born in September. We know that every people has birthstone, and every birthstone is so wonderful and beautiful. So, what is September birthstone? We can call sapphire as September birthstone.

Sapphire comes with various colors. But, blue sapphire is birthstone color for September. Sapphire is also zodiac stone for Virgo. While other color of sapphire used as zodiac stone for Libra.

Many people believe that birthstone can give many benefits. When we talk about sapphire, this gemstone believed as the stone to bring inner peace and stave off depression. Do you want to know more about birthstone for September? Read the information below to know more about it.


What is the Birthstone for September?

As explained before, we have known the answer of this question, “What is the birthstone for September?” Yes, that is sapphire. Sapphire looks so beautiful with its color. Birthstone color for September is Blue sapphire. Actually, sapphire comes with various colors, but blue is used for September birthstone color.

The Meaning of Birthstone for September

After answering “What is the birthstone for September?” question, other question may appear. Yes, some people always want to know about the meaning of birthstone for September. So, what is the meaning of sapphire? Sapphire comes from Greek word that is “Shappeiros” which has meaning “precious stone”. Christians believe that deep blue color of sapphire is the symbol of heavenly grace.

cushion-cut-sapphire-0-80ct-diamond-platinum-ring royal-blue-sapphire-25-60ct-diamond-platinum-necklace


What is the September Birthstone Color?

What is the birthstone for September? It is deep blue. Sapphire gemstone which has deeper blue color will have higher value.

Where is the Sapphire Found?

What is the birthstone for September? This question has been answered. Now, let’s we know more about sapphire. This stone can be found in various countries, such as Kenya, Australia, the US, Thailand, China, Nigeria, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Burma, Kashmir and Tanzania. But, the most precious sapphire found in Burma.

The History of Sapphire

Now, you have known what is the birthstone for September. Now, let’s we talk about the history of birthstone for September. Sapphire gemstone has been found since long time ago. The Buddhist believed that this stone can bring peace and happiness to its wearer. Even, this stone is believed to create desire for prayer to the wearer.

royal-blue-sapphire-12ct-diamond-18k-bracelet royal-blue-sapphire-1-0ct-diamond-platinum-ring-ideas


What is the Largest Sapphire Found?

What is the birthstone for September? That is sapphire which is so wonderful with its color. Have you known about the largest sapphire in the world? Actually, there are some sapphire gemstones which have high cost, for example cornflower blue sapphire of Queen Mary of Romania, Logan Shappire, The Star of India Sapphire, and more. But the geologist claimed that they have found the largest blue star Sapphire from Sri Lanka which has 1404.49 carats for its weigh. The nickname of it is The Star of Adam.

The Healing Powers of Sapphire

What is the birthstone for September? The birthstone for September is sapphire which has so many healing powers. Sapphire represents honesty, truth, purity, and dependability. So, sapphire commonly used for engagement rings. Sapphire is also believed as gemstone that can cure inflammation, burns, cancer, hearing problems and fevers.

The Properties of Sapphire

Sapphire is so hard. The range of its hardness is 9, compare to diamond which has 10 for its hardness. So, what is the birthstone for September? The answer is sapphire which is so hard and so good to be used as jewelry.

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How to Clean Sapphire Jewelry?

You can use a mixture of a mild dish washing soap and lukewarm water to clean your sapphire jewelry. So, what is the birthstone for September? The answer is sapphire that requires easy maintain.

How Do You Care for Sapphire Jewelry?

Now you have known what is the birthstone for September. Now, you have to know the right tips to care for your sapphire jewelry. You have to keep your sapphire jewelry away from items that will cause scratch, such as harsh items. You can also keep it away from some chemical such as chlorine because it can discolor your sapphire jewelry.

What is the Value of Sapphire?

Besides “What is the birthstone for September?”, other question that will appear is “What is the value of sapphire?” The value of sapphire depends on its size and quality. Sapphire which has fine quality will have high value.

Well, those are some information for you about sapphire. After reading the information above, have you decided to have September birthstone? Hopefully the information above will give you right description about September birthstone and September birthstone color.

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Finally, hopefully the information above will be useful for you, especially for you who want to know about September birthstone. You can also use some tips above to clean your sapphire jewelry. By caring for your sapphire rightly, you can keep your sapphire jewelry and get many benefits from it.


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