What is Tungsten Carbide Exactly About?

You know when you are about to buy a wedding band for men, the store clerk will probably recommend you to get the wedding band made from tungsten carbide, but what is tungsten carbide exactly and why is it become popular? The Tungsten carbide itself is a mix between pure tungsten and carbon atoms, it still maintains what pure tungsten has but it is easier to work with. What make this metal so popular is that because the tungsten carbide; similar to pure tungsten, it is very durable and has high melting point; it is said that tungsten carbide is stiffer than even steel.

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What is Tungsten Carbide Made Of

The simplest answer is the mix of pure tungsten and carbon atoms, but the process is actually not that easy. The pure tungsten is very difficult to work with due to its stiff and strong characteristic, that’s why it is need to be mixed with other element. After mixing the pure tungsten with the carbon atoms to create a new power, it will then be mixed again with binder like cobalt or sometimes it is also use nickel.

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What is Tungsten Carbide Used For

As said earlier, you will most likely encounter rings that are made using the Tungsten carbide as the main material; it is very popular due to its durability and strength. But the tungsten carbide is also used for many other purposes, due to its strength it is widely used as industrial alloy, it is also made into surgical tools, and there are many of this material are used for mill products. Some kinds of tungsten carbide are also used for construction.

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What is Tungsten Carbide Nickel Binder

Other great reason why people use tungsten carbide as their wedding band material is because this mixed substance contains nickel binder is also pretty resistant to corrosion, although it is not the most corrosive resistant metal in the world. It has better specifications that other available metal and tungsten carbide with nickel binder has better corrosive resistant than the tungsten carbide made with cobalt binder.

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What is Tungsten Carbide Ring Pros and Cons

So let us conclude whether or not the tungsten carbide is actually suitable to be used on jewelry; its scratch resistant, its affordable, it’s pretty resistant to corrosion, but it cannot be resized and it will be difficult for you to find tungsten carbide ring made especially for women; due to its weight probably. But after reading this, you will be able to answer whenever your friend ask you “what is tungsten carbide?” whenever he want to buy an engagement ring.

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