Wooden Engagement Rings Buying Guides

Wooden engagement rings can be the best idea for your big day. It will be unique present you can give to your beloved one. This type of ring will play and show the natural beauty for the couples in order to have eco friendly rings. There are some aspects you need to know about this natural wedding band.

You can try to know about the pros and cons from this ring. For example, you need to know how to maintain it well and about its durability. Keep reading below! Here is the discussion for you about the wooden rings for your engagement day.

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Types of Wooden Ring

There are many types of wooden ring you can choose. Those rings will provide you lot gorgeousness. By those style varieties, you can find also the colorful hardwoods. You can find the braided pattern, plain wood bands, and also design with colorful inlay. You also have to know that you can set the woods with diamond or brilliant. It depends on your preference. You can discuss about its design with your girl before its day.

Wooden Ring with Inlay Wooden Ring with Stone


Pros of Wooden Ring

There are some benefits you can find by choosing the wooden rings. First of all, you need to know that this ring will be the alternative solution for those who suffer from metal allergies. Besides that, you can also find the unique design for this ring. For example, you can get hand carved design for your engagement. You can also find the matched sets that will customize many features both inside and outside the bands and rings.

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Other Pros of Wooden Ring

There are still other benefits for you who choose the wooden ring. As we know, it will be the best choice for those who work in electricity field. This wooden ring provides the lower scale of dangerous risk caused by electricity current. So, you don’t need to be worried for wearing this ring when it faces the electricity and heat. It will be the best alternative options for you who avoid the metal ring, right?

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Wooden Ring Cons

Besides the benefits of choosing the wooden ring, you also need to know about some cons you will have by choosing this ring. You need to know that this ring will need high maintenance. It will keep your ring remain the good condition for over the years. Besides that, this type of ring cannot be resized. So, you have to change to the new one if your girl’s finger cannot match this ring. It seems terrific, right?

Wooden Rings with Stones


Special Maintenance for Your Wooden Rings

Well, now you need to know that this ring needs special maintenance. This maintenance will also depend on wood type of the ring you have. It will be also based on the wood finish. First of all, you have to remove this ring before you get bathing, showering, or swimming.

Wooden Wedding Rings with Diamonds

Besides that, you have to also remove it whenever you want to perform the hard activities like expose the ring to get abrasives, chemicals, or hard knocks. You also need to know that this ring should be avoided from any hand moisturizer. So, you have to remove it whenever you want to wash your hands.


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